AESC recently partnered with and participated in a task group with OSHA, NIOSH, National STEPS Network Alliance, and various other industry partners to create training tools that highlight the hazards of tank gauging in our industry.  The attached products represent many man-hours of thoughtful input, hard work and cooperation over the course of the past 10 weeks. The final design was developed with the guidance of individuals who perform tank gauging in the field as part of their daily work.  This entire package of information is intended to be used as a training tool.  Below are a few tips and notes from the task group on how to best use and incorporate tank gauging hazards in to your training classes and safety meetings:

  • The attached Infographic should be used during safety and health conversations with management, supervisors and, most importantly, with field team members.  The Infographic should also be posted in public areas for employees to review at their convenience.
  • Safety meeting facilitators should use the attached Word document to include employer policies and procedures as well as lessons learned and best practices as they relate to tank gauging.  No one knows your operations as well as you. Please use this information as you see fit.
  • This is not an official Alliance product; however, we are attaching a very straightforward PowerPoint presentation which Joyce Ryel, AESC 1st Vice President and a member of the STEPS Executive Committee, developed that explains why the task group created these tools.  This information is derived from work done by OSHA and NIOSH in cooperation with the US Onshore E&P industry.  The PowerPoint is an excellent resource that can also be customized and used to make all of this work very personal.

The sole purpose of this and all of our efforts is to protect workers and their families from pain and sorrow and to highlight the dangers of tank gauging in our industry.