Scholarship Program

The AESC Scholarship Program is open to any member company full time employee or employee dependent applying for secondary education after high school (this can include 2 year associate degrees, 4 year degrees, advanced degrees, trade schools, etc.).  Through a selection process within the association (and dependent on available funding through sponsorships, events, and sustained funding), a set number of scholarships is designated within the association to selected candidates. 

The funds are then granted to the selected students and checks are made to both the college and the student.  As long as the student maintains the requirements for renewing the scholarship (check with the current rules and regulations), they are eligible to receive the scholarship for no more than four years (can include graduate studies also).  The membership applications go out in early February and the selection process is made with a standing committee of the association leadership, usually in late April time frame. 

Also, several chapters perform their own fundraising for local scholarship selection.  These are totally independent of the national scholarships and you should check with the particular chapter as to their particular criteria, or selection process.

The applicant must be (1) the legal dependent (spouse, natural child,  stepchild, or adopted) of an employee from an AESC member company in good standing at the national level:  OR (2) a bona fide employee of the National AESC member company.  Awards will be make only to those entering or continuing undergraduate degree, graduate degree or vocational programs.  The scholarship recipient is eligible for a maximum of 4 years as long as the minimum standards are maintained as mentioned herein.

Cash scholarships will be paid to a state accredited university or vocational school upon admission.  The check will be made payable to the student AND the university/school.  Unless otherwise specified each student will receive $1000 ($500 per semester). At no time will a check be issued to the student only.

Only official AESC Scholarship Forms will be accepted.  Application forms and all supporting materials must be returned to your local AESC chapter chairperson by the specified deadline. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. For the current scholarship application click here.