The AESC Well Service Rig count was created with initial support from Spears and Associates, then through relationships with Weatherford, Cameron, and Guiberson.  In the summer of 2016, the decision was made to bring the rig count internal to the association and to provide the publishing of the information on our own website at (Under Industry Relations – Rig Count).

First published for the Industry in 1970, the Guiberson Well Service Rig Count quickly became one of the key industry indicators for the North American oil industry.

Guiberson and the AESC had taken the time to study the history of the numbers, re-calculated the true numbers with input from Spears and Associates, and now are committed to re-focus the reporting such that the industry and all of its observers can rely on the published figures.

The accuracy of the Well Service Rig Count is determined by the accuracy of the data provided by those operators who report each month.  While we cannot contact each and every well service contractor in North America every single month, we rely instead on accurate data from a nucleus of contractors in each of the eight geographic regions. Calculations based on historical data, to account for those not reporting, are then made to arrive at final numbers.

Each new member of the AESC is encouraged to provide responses each month to the Rig count questionnaire enclosed in this packet. The more well service contractors we have providing responses will only increase the accuracy of the rig count utilization. Instructions for completing the questionnaire and transmitting the data are included on the form.

The report is also printed in Well Servicing magazine, which is published every other month. Rig count reports for the previous two months are available in the magazine.
AESC Rig Count - Form (Download)
(Microsoft Word Document)